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Thailand Immediately Let Go of Cannabis Consumption

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Thailand is the 10th country in the world to legalize cannabis or marijuana consumption. But like in some countries, consumption is only for medical purposes – not for non-medical purposes. In example in Canada, you can get the marijuana for the recreational purpose from Namaste.

Proposed legalization of marijuana was submitted by the Thai military government to parliament. The result, Tuesday (12/25/2018), the parliament approved the vote absolutely – 166-0. Only 13 parliamentarians refused to vote or abstained.

The Thai government is expected to enact this policy from the beginning of 2019. However, for its use, there must be an agreement from Raja Maha Vajiralongkorn.

“This is a new year gift from parliament to the government and citizens of Thailand,” said Somchai Sawangkarn, chairman of the affairs committee, reported by the New York Times.

So far there is no detail on the procedure for using marijuana for medical treatment in Thailand. Clearly, the Thai government will only appoint a handful of people or institutions to plant or process marijuana for medical treatment.

So, marijuana will later be produced, imported, exported, owned and consumed. The conditions are still one; for medical or health reasons.

However, producers or researchers still have …

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European Supercar Experience for Travelers That You Need to Try

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Comparing European continent with some other continents, you can be sure that this continent offers you a lot of more interesting things. One of them is the super car and sport car experiences. This is something quite awkward actually, but you have to admit that European region is one of the best markets for the sport cars and super cars. That might be one reason why you can easily find people who drive the super car and sport car of their own. Even though, there are still some people who do not have that kind of luxury to drive the super car that they want.

If you are one of those people who are experiencing the same thing, you do not need to worry about that at all. That is because Europe offers you with the super car and sport car experience that you might have never thought before. Of course, because they have a lot of super car and sport car options, you can easily find the experience of driving the car on this continent. There are actually two things that you can simply consider if you want to experience this kind of sensation behind the wheel of one …

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Avail student’s discounts wherever possible

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We all are aware of the fact that a healthy student life demands for regular extracurricular activities including travelling at regular intervals. Students may need to travel at both domestic and international levels due to participation in any annual get together, debate competition or for simply beautifying a funfair with their presence. However, it’s a fact that students have a very limited budget which they have to spend on daily necessities plus on inevitable needs like travelling. There are, several ways devised by airlines through which students can avail discounted air tickets. Student flights require some authentic official documents, claiming you as a school student. Use the same facilities in hotels and other places and make your travel enjoyable and cost effective.

Use the web world

Students would like to fly cheaper, that could save them some sterling. Therefore, a student flight is the most appreciated method of travelling cheaper. If you are a student looking for cheap airfares, you must start your work by looking for the websites offering cheap air tickets that come under your budget. There are numerous travel agencies assisting online as an attraction for students, by showcasing eye-widening student packages and deals. Still, one must …

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Marijuana is now Legal Consumed in Canada

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Canada is reported to have just passed a law plan legalizing the use of marijuana into law since Tuesday 19 June 2018 local time. The Cannabis Act, the editorial of the law, obtained a majority vote in parliament, namely 52 votes in favor, against 29 votes.

The Cannabis Act is a regulation that regulates how the plant called Latin with “cannabis sativa” is grown, distributed, sold and used.

  1. The second country to legalize marijuana for recreation

BBC (20/6/2018) reported that the escape of The Cannabis Act in a poll in the Canadian parliament made the country nicknamed the Ice Fraction the second country to legalize drug use (marijuana) for recreational purposes.

Uruguay is known to be the first country to legalize the sale of marijuana for recreational use in December 2013. The United States alone has not legalized the use of marijuana for commercial purposes.

Even so, a number of states in United States have given permission.

  1. Children easily get marijuana

Regarding the passage of The Cannabis Act into law, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said on his Twitter account, that until now, “it was too easy for our children to get marijuana – and for criminals to make a …

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Bored? Just Try Climbing Mount Triglav

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Bored with this and that tourist destination? Tired of vacationing in France? Saturated on holiday to England? Try arranging and planning a vacation to Slovenia which is known as a tourist destination with a very beautiful nature. Especially popular are the Lake Bled and the Triglav mountain, where you can go climbing mount Triglav.

Some information about Slovenia

Slovenia does have many tourist destinations. It has various mountains and lakes. The country was a part of Yugoslavia until 1991.

In winter, Slovenia’s temperature reaches -20 degrees Celsius. However, in summer, it’s like being in the Mediterranean with temperatures of 29 degrees Celsius. Slovenia is indeed known as a holiday location for those interested in ancient palaces, mythical dragons, fresh air and good food.

The Adventures You Can Do in Slovenia

For those of you who are young, don’t worry. You can be climbing mount Triglav whichis one of the highest mountains in Slovenia. You can also go cycling or do water sports.

If you want to go out and want to explore some amazing and beautiful natural scenery and views in Slovenia, then the Triglav National Park (also known as the TNP) is an ideal place to visit. The …