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Bored? Just Try Climbing Mount Triglav

Bored with this and that tourist destination? Tired of vacationing in France? Saturated on holiday to England? Try arranging and planning a vacation to Slovenia which is known as a tourist destination with a very beautiful nature. Especially popular are the Lake Bled and the Triglav mountain, where you can go climbing mount Triglav.

Some information about Slovenia

Slovenia does have many tourist destinations. It has various mountains and lakes. The country was a part of Yugoslavia until 1991.

In winter, Slovenia’s temperature reaches -20 degrees Celsius. However, in summer, it’s like being in the Mediterranean with temperatures of 29 degrees Celsius. Slovenia is indeed known as a holiday location for those interested in ancient palaces, mythical dragons, fresh air and good food.

The Adventures You Can Do in Slovenia

For those of you who are young, don’t worry. You can be climbing mount Triglav whichis one of the highest mountains in Slovenia. You can also go cycling or do water sports.

If you want to go out and want to explore some amazing and beautiful natural scenery and views in Slovenia, then the Triglav National Park (also known as the TNP) is an ideal place to visit. The Triglav National Park is the biggest national park in Slovenia. It got his name by the highest mountain in the national park. The TNP  consist of the beautiful Julian Mountains, with some highlights on the area including the towering summit of the Mount Triglav and the calm waters of the Lake Bohinj. The mountain is also the highest peak in Slovenia. In addition to the amazingly beautiful scenery, this place is also commonly used for rock climbing activities.

For a spectacular view, you can try the climbing mount Triglav on its north rockface or you also can take an easier route for Kredarica. Most of the people there have done climbing mount Triglav.

“You are not a Slovenian if you haven’t tried climbing ┬áMount Triglav,” says the proverb in Slovenia.

Other activities besides climbing Mount Triglav

In the south are the Soca valley and the canyon of its tributaries. You can do various tense sports here like white water rafting using an inflatable boat or traditional boat called canoe.

If you prefer skiing, then you can visit Mount Kanin, accessible from the valley where most of the accommodation and restaurants can be found in Bovec, Kobarid, and Tolmin or the the Vogel mountain. You can also go skiing in Kranjska Gora. There is a skiing contest for world cup for men each year. Kranjska Gora and the Sava Upper Valley (north of the Triglav mountain) attracts visitors who like hiking, mountaineering, cycling, horse riding, paragliding or fishing. The TNP is just the right place for you to enjoy the summer.