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Marijuana is now Legal Consumed in Canada

Canada is reported to have just passed a law plan legalizing the use of marijuana into law since Tuesday 19 June 2018 local time. The Cannabis Act, the editorial of the law, obtained a majority vote in parliament, namely 52 votes in favor, against 29 votes.

The Cannabis Act is a regulation that regulates how the plant called Latin with “cannabis sativa” is grown, distributed, sold and used.

  1. The second country to legalize marijuana for recreation

BBC (20/6/2018) reported that the escape of The Cannabis Act in a poll in the Canadian parliament made the country nicknamed the Ice Fraction the second country to legalize drug use (marijuana) for recreational purposes.

Uruguay is known to be the first country to legalize the sale of marijuana for recreational use in December 2013. The United States alone has not legalized the use of marijuana for commercial purposes.

Even so, a number of states in United States have given permission.

  1. Children easily get marijuana

Regarding the passage of The Cannabis Act into law, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said on his Twitter account, that until now, “it was too easy for our children to get marijuana – and for criminals to make a profit.”

The Canadian government alone gives time to all provinces and cities, eight to 12 weeks to establish the marijuana market. The period of time will also be used by law enforcement officials to prepare a new legal framework. But even so, it would be better if they buy cannabis or marijuana on licensed producers Canada.

  1. There are still strict limits

Although the law on the use of marijuana for the purpose of fun will be applied in the near future, there are still restrictions on its use.

The New York Times proclaims the limitations include strict regulations on marijuana advertisements. Then, products sold in packaging must attach health warnings. You should also visit the medical dispensary for using marijuana according to instructions from the doctor.

While other processed cannabis products will still be banned.

Then, the minimum age for marijuana users is 18-19 years with each province authorized to make decisions on that age limit. The Canadian Medical Association itself has recommended a minimum age of 21 years to get marijuana legally.